Micro - TRES

TRES is a modular, compact and multi-functional system. The micro unit is ideal for developments that require to maximise the use of private space. The smart arrangement of its components allows the compact unit to be flexible in its position, therefore it offers design variations within the same space.

The design consists of a timber panelled block with openings that discover each function: sleeping area, kitchen, sofa and shower room.

The occupants benefit from a large amount of storage thanks to over-head units, drawers and full-height cupboards. An opening by the kitchen discovers the sleeping area reached by a set of stairs into a cosy and private area, whereas a ‘pocket sofa’ sits at one side of the box.

TRES can be designed in many different colour/material schemes assuring that will match your budget and the style expectations of your residents.

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MICRO-TRES diagram.jpg

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