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Smart, space-friendly design solutions for forward-thinking property investors.


If you want to maximise your property’s space to convert it into a profitable investment, you need a smart design strategy.



Residents have high expectations

Today's urbanites look for alternative living solutions. They seek highly specified accommodation with an ingenious use of the space, offering them a balance between privacy and community. If you need help to find out what they look for, we will design spaces thought to fulfil your residents’ expectations.

Modular design saves on costs

Co-living spaces are on the rise because of their central location and easy-to-access transport for shorter commutes. While a centrally located property is not a small investment, there are ways to maintain a healthy profit margin through cutting-edge modular and compact design.

Micro and multi-purpose spaces

Micro apartments range from 16 to 37 sqm (172 to 398 sq ft) and might include areas for working, cooking, showering, sleeping and dining. We tailor designs to your residents’ needs to develop multi-functional spaces for every purpose for comfortable, uncluttered and enjoyable places to live in.

Helping you untap your property’s potential through smart design solutions.

Bicbloc is an architectural design studio that works with forward-thinking investors to create innovative living spaces to meet this growing demand. If you are ready to develop an alternative living accommodation such as a co-living project, student hall or serviced apartments, we can help you!


What will you gain working with us?

You’ll get a start-to-finish design service to add real value to your investment and position you as a major player in the future residential market. This is what you will receive:


Smart spaces built efficiently.

Efficient solutions to optimise your space, increasing your property’s value and improving your tenant experience.


Bespoke stand out design.

Imaginative design that adapts seamlessly to your property layout, and not just off-the-shelf solutions.


Saves you time and money.

Solutions can be scaled, replicated and built off-site, saving on your construction costs and execution time.


Enjoyable homes tenants will love.

People-driven design for spaces where your future residents will be happy to live and call ‘home’.

Let’s make the most out of your property.


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Improve your property investment with smart design and innovative solutions for new generations.

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