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Because we all deserve to love where we live.


Shared urban housing spaces — designed with new generations in mind.

We help you create urban living solutions that are socially and environmentally sustainable — and good for your bottom line. 


We’ve been hearing about it for years: a new generation is influencing the way we’ll live and work in urban landscapes. This new wave of urbanites crave flexibility in their workplaces, prefer experiences over belongings, and prioritise location over lavish living. How can we build cities sustainably to meet this generation’s growing demand?

Our design approach starts by adapting your space to put your future residents first. The common areas to encourage community and combat loneliness. Living areas for residents to network and connect with like-minded individuals. Shared facilities to lower carbon footprint and inspire connection over consumerism.


You’re in the right place if:

You would like to make your property investment to stand out from the rest with truly ingenious design.

You want to contribute to shaping the future of urban living by offering bespoke and well optimised living spaces.

You know that prioritising people’s needs will contribute to their well-being and quality of life.

You want to maximise your space economically and intentionally for your future residents’ experience.


Bicbloc helps you maximise your property's ROI through smart, people-driven design solutions.


My name is Laura Encinas and I founded Bicbloc to help developers, property investors and private landlords maximise their real estate profitability by transforming spaces to impact and improve people’s lives.

Because the size of a space doesn’t mean compromising on quality of life. I creatively leverage the existing surroundings of your property investment to create something livable, functional and thoughtfully designed for the residents you want to attract. Together we will convert your property into a valuable asset by integrating space-efficient living solutions through functional and compact design — for homes that people will love to live in.


Why choose Bicbloc and how this will add value to your investment.

With over 10 years of experience in architectural firms, I worked on large-scale projects to optimise layouts for our clients’ maximum return on investment. In 2018, I founded Bicbloc with the desire to take that valuable knowledge into smaller scale projects to help innovative property investors design purposeful, profitable spaces catered to their residents’ well-being.

So why choose Bicbloc to transform your property investment into a space that’ll stand out in today’s residential real estate market?

Here’s what you can expect:


Comprehensive research and presentation of options to optimise your property's space to its fullest potential.

Careful analysis of what your target market's wants, needs and desires to elevate their experience as residents.



Cutting-edge ideas to set your property apart from the competition to stand out and attract the residents you seek.

Compact, multi-function and modular solutions to reduce your construction costs and execution time significantly.


A bit more formal info

  • I was born in Girona (Spain) and lived in the UK for more than 10 years. Currently you can find me between London and Barcelona.

  • Studied Architectural Technology at Polytechnic University of Catalonia in Barcelona (Spain) and completed my degree at Vitus Bering University in Horsens (Denmark). Later I moved to the UK where I studied Interior Architecture at Oxford Brookes University in Oxford.

  • Experience working in commercial, high-end residential, cultural and educational projects from large-scale master planning to bespoke furniture solutions. 

  • Carried out international projects located in the UK, Europe and Asia working for award-winning architectural practices such as Hamiltons Architects and Bogle Architects.

  • Developed specialized knowledge in Visual Merchandising at BAU School of Design in Barcelona. Worked on private commissions involving marketing strategybranding and retail design.

  • Combined practice with teaching as a Lecturer at the London Metropolitan UniversityUniversity of Hertfordshire and as a guest critic at Oxford Brookes University.


 Ready to become a major real estate player with an innovative property for tomorrow’s urban residents? Bicbloc can help!